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Bottochino marble is much more than just a building material; it is a symbol of timeless beauty and refined taste. Its exquisite appearance, coupled with its durability and versatility, has cemented its status as a coveted choice for designers, decorators, and homeowners seeking to elevate their spaces with a touch of luxury. Its unique characteristics, from its oyster base color to its intricate veining, make it a timeless choice for a wide range of design applications, both indoors and out.


Bottochino marble truly offers a timeless elegance with its blend of colors and delicate veining. Its versatility in both interior and exterior applications makes it a favorite among designers and decorators alike. One of the main features of it is the base color, reminiscent of oyster shells, with enchanting veins in shades of light cream and white.  In traditional and classic interior design, it adds a touch of luxury whether used for flooring, walls, bathrooms, or backsplashes. Its durability, resistance to compression and wear, and low absorption values make it particularly well suited for high traffic areas, ensuring its beauty lasts for generations. Bottochino continues to shine, enhancing the aesthetic of paving, cladding, stairways, and other walking surfaces. Its ability of this Kalingastone Marble to withstand the elements while maintaining its elegance makes it a reliable choice for outdoor projects where durability and style are paramount.


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