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Amber Onyx

Amber Onyx exhibits a range of warm hues, including golden yellows, rich browns, and sometimes hints of orange. Whether used in a modern kitchen, featured as a piece in a bathroom, or used to create a stunning focal point in a living space, Amber Onyx brings a natural beauty to any environment. Its unique coloration and translucent qualities make it a versatile material in the world of natural stone.



Amber Onyx is a unique variety of natural onyx that imparts a distinct beauty and class to both residential and commercial projects. One of the distinctive features of Amber Onyx is its translucency. When backlit, the stone can showcase a beautiful play of light and shadow, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Like other onyx varieties, it also feature variety veining and patterns, which contribute to the uniqueness of each slab. Amber Onyx is commonly used in a variety of applications, including countertops, wall cladding, accent pieces, and decorative features.

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