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Verde Macaubus

Verde Macaubus Collection is an embodiment of natural elegance, exclusively available through our premier services in the UAE. Boost your spaces with the timeless beauty of this exceptional natural stone, and let it be a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern sophistication and the enduring allure of nature.



Verde Macaubus is not merely a quartzite, it is a symbol of refinement and luxury. Its dense light green color, coupled with beige yellow shades and veins, creates a visual masterpiece. Whether in commercial or residential spaces, this quartzite remains a better choice, embodying a perfect blend of natural beauty and enduring style. Renowned for its unique aesthetic qualities, Verde Macaubus stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the world of natural stone. A polished finish enhances the stone’s natural luster, providing a glossy and reflective surface. On the other hand, a honed finish offers a smoother, matte appearance, retaining the stone’s elegance with a subdued sheen. The flexibility in surface finishings allows designers and architects to tailor the stone to suit diverse design preferences.

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