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White Travertine

White Travertine is a versatile natural stone known for its timeless beauty and distinctive appearance. It is one of the oldest stones used in construction, and was used largely in the Roman architecture as flooring or wall covering tiles, paving. White travertine tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



As the name suggests, White Travertine is available in a spectrum of white shades from pure white to creamy hues. This versatility makes it a favored option for architects, interior designers, and homeowners aiming for an aesthetic in their spaces. Due to the diverse minerals and impurities present in the stone during its formation, distinctive swirls and veining patterns emerge. The light color of White Travertine is particularly advantageous in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Its ability to create a sense of space and brightness makes it an ideal choice, especially in environments with smaller volumes. Besides being used for flooring, it is also employed in the creation of vertical coverings, tiles, kitchen tops, sinks, and shower trays. Like other natural stones, White Travertine requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty.

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