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Book Match Designing

Elevating Spaces with Symmetrical Beauty and Precision Craftsmanship

Book Matched designs for seamless, captivating floors and walls that effortlessly blend tradition with modern flair.

Discover the artistry of Book Matched design, creating a seamless pattern on your floors or walls for a more uniform appearance. It is a genuine way to showcase the inherent beauty of stone, making it a statement piece of art. In Book Matched design, the first slab is polished on one side, and the adjacent slab is polished on the back, allowing for a continuous pattern when laid end-to-end. At Mina Marble, we elevate spaces with Book Matched slabs, assembling mirror image patterns that harmonize the naturally intertwining veins of marble extracted from quarries. Whether in contemporary or traditional settings, Book Matching adds a stunning touch to your surroundings.

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