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Infinity Blue

Infinity Blue offer a unique combination of affordability and luxury, bringing the timeless beauty of marble inspired designs to residential spaces. The incorporation of inkjet technology ensures that the Infinity Blue tiles capture the essence of genuine marble, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate opulence without compromising on practicality and cost effectiveness.



These stunning Infinity Blue Marble have taken inspiration from high quality marble to bring a sense of luxury and splendor to the home, the latest high definition inkjet technology has been used to add detailed authentic rusty orange iron oxide effect tones and blue marble patterns to this durable porcelain tile. Grand hotels and luxury apartments have often employed marble to add a feeling of opulence due to the fascinating veins and colors found within it, this often comes at a high cost. This brings the same unique finish as marble to the home without the associated expense, a machine polished highly reflective surface and precision cut rectified edges add to the aesthetic appeal bringing the same grand finish as the hefty marble slabs used in high end hotels and grand designs.

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