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Calacatta Imperial

Experience the epitome of  style with Calacatta Imperial Quartz, a mesmerizing fusion of contemporary style and classic allure. Crafted to embody the natural beauty of marble while offering unparalleled durability, Calacatta Imperial Quartz is the ultimate choice for discerning homeowners, designers, and architects.


Calacatta Imperial is a quartz designed for modern living featuring unique patterns making the most natural looking. With the light blue background with brown veining, it exudes a sense of refinement and luxury. Each slab is made to showcase unique patterns, adding a touch of individuality to every surface it graces. With the versatile design, it can be integrated with both modern and traditional aesthetics, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of interior design projects. Calacatta Imperial is also ideal for kitchen worktops, flooring, bathroom, staircases, and cladding. This Kalingastone Quartz is scratch resistant, stain resistant, chemical resistant, and even high impact resistant. Unlike natural marble, Calacatta Imperial Quartz maintains its pristine appearance without the need for sealing or special care. Enjoy the timeless elegance of marble inspired design without worrying about etching, staining, or fading over time.

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