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Grigo Diamante

Grigo Diamante Quartz is a captivating choice for those seeking a versatile surface for their interior spaces. With its calming gray tones, dark specks, and exceptional durability, Grigo Diamante Quartz combines beauty and functionality in perfect harmony, making it an ideal option for discerning homeowners and designers.


Grigo Diamante with its mid gray base and contrasting darker accents, it exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance that adds depth and character to any space. The gentle, soothing gray tones of Grigo Diamante Quartz create a serene ambiance, evoking a feeling of tranquility and understated luxury. The subtle variation in shades adds dimension to the surface, while the dark specks interspersed throughout add visual interest and depth, reminiscent of twinkling stars against a night sky. Its neutral color palette make it a perfect choice for a wide range of interior styles, from modern and minimalist to classic and traditional. This Kalingastone is easy to maintain and also highly resistant to stain and heat.



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