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Breccia Diana

Breccia Diana is a luxurious stone characterized by its beige color, which serves as a neutral and sophisticated base. What sets Breccia Diana apart is the intricate pattern of thin and thick brown veins that traverse the surface. The combination of beige and brown in this marble contributes to its timeless and refined aesthetic.



The popularity of Breccia Diana  is attributed not only to its visual appeal but also to the durability and longevity that marble as a natural stone typically provides. Its versatility allows to easily integrate into various design schemes. The neutral color palette makes it a versatile choice that can complement both traditional and contemporary interior designs. The unique combination of beige and brown veining makes it a standout choice for those seeking a distinctive and refined look in their interior design projects. Breccia Diana, with its elegant appearance and durable characteristics, is well suited for various applications like bathroom flooring, flooring, staircase, vanity counter, wall cladding etc.

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