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Introduce the timeless elegance of Sofita Marble to your UAE living spaces. This exquisite natural stone, with its captivating blend of soft, earthy hues and intricate veining, evokes a sense of sophistication and beauty. Elevate your interior design with the opulent charm and versatility of Sofita Marble. Discover the perfect balance of luxury and natural aesthetics as you transform your space into a haven of classic beauty and timeless style with this remarkable marble.



Sofita Marble is decorated with brown veins on the cream ground. It has a homogenous structure, which is generally preferred for large floor applications. Sofita marble can be produced in different sizes and polishing according to your projects. Some marble slabs have more homogenous structures and some others are available for book-match. This marble would be the perfect stone for an opulent bathroom or even a classic and elegant fireplace surround.

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