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Upgrade your living spaces with the exquisite beauty of Breccia Marble in the UAE. This unique natural stone showcases a captivating blend of warm hues and intricate patterns, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your interior design. Embrace the timeless elegance and individuality that this exceptional marble offers, creating an ambiance that reflects the beauty of nature in your space right here in the heart of the UAE.



Breccia Onyx Marble is a captivating and distinctive natural stone known for its intricate and colorful patterns. It is a type of onyx, which is a form of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline quartz. Breccia Onyx Marble features a striking blend of colors and patterns that make it a popular choice in interior design and architectural applications. Breccia Onyx Marble’s vibrant and dynamic appearance, with its vivid color palette and intricate patterns, has made it a favored choice for those who want to create visually stunning and eye catching interior spaces. Its unique qualities, including translucency and its ability to be backlit, make it a captivating and versatile option for design and architectural projects.

312 x 165 cm, Code: 24 and 42

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