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Kari Ice

Kari Ice emerges as a rare and distinctive stone, characterized by a light blue grey base color. This unique onyx variety showcases patterns and veining in the shades of grey, brown, and light beige. The combination of these colors gives Kari Ice a captivating and elegant appearance, making it a favorite choice for those looking to introduce a rare and refined touch to their design projects.



Introducing the Kari Ice Onyx Collection, a tribute to the breathtaking beauty and serene elegance of ice inspired onyx. Inspired by the cool and crisp aesthetics of Kari Ice onyx, this collection showcases the unique patterns and delicate color variations that make this stone truly mesmerizing. Each piece in the Kari Ice Onyx Collection reflects the perfect balance of sophistication and natural charm. From stunning home decor accents to luxurious accessories, immerse yourself in the beauty and refined aesthetics of this collection.

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