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Cappucino Travertine

Cappuccino Travertine is a versatile material known for its distinctive swirl style, which showcases a mottled palette of browns and greys. This unique natural stone exhibits distinct textures and patterns, creating a visually compelling surface that adds character and warmth to various architectural and design applications.



Cappucino Travertine exhibits high variation in both color and shade. This inherent diversity ensures that no two pieces are identical, contributing to a customized appearance in every installation. Compared with the traditional natural stone travertine, Cappuccino Travertine is non porous and highly stain resistant. This quality makes it a practical choice for areas prone to moisture, offering durability and ease of maintenance. Cappuccino Travertine redefines spaces with its versatile applications. Upgrade interiors with flooring, create durable outdoor pathways with non porous pavers, and add to accent walls with its varied color palette. In kitchens and bathrooms, the stain resistant properties make it ideal for countertops, combining style and practicality.

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