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Aurelio Nuovo by Kalingastone added character to the ambience of Surge Coffee Roasters, Sharjah

In the architectural world of stones, we aim to breathe life in your ambience through our stones. Whether it is the adobe you reside in or your workplace, our engineered stones have the capability to turn it into an ambience of safety along with elegance and poise.

Even in the challenging times last year, Mina Marbles Sharjah along with its committed team, received the privilege to accomplish some amazing projects. Here, we discuss one of our projects at Surge Coffee Roasters Sharjah – the stone used and some details about it.

For a coffee shop, its counter is the centerpiece around which everything revolves. Therefore the counter structure, especially the countertop, needs to be aesthetically attractive and functionally durable.  Same, applied with our project at Surge Coffee Roasters. Looking at the color theme of the interiors, a white textured engineered stone was recommended. Not just the appearance, when calculating the technical capabilities for the counter,  Aurelio Nuovo by Kalingastone emerged as the ideal fit.

With its resemblance to the Italian Marble, in terms of white base and grey veins, Aurelio Nuovo added luxe to the overall surrounding. Being an engineered stone, it made the coffee counter strong, more absorbent, and glossy compared to the natural marble. Not just this, using Aurelio saved our clients from the concerns they might face in the future provided if natural marble was used.  Natural marble is soft and can show knife patterns if you cut a sandwich directly on it. Acidic foods may also break it down over time. Natural stone needs to be resealed periodically, which can disrupt workflow in a coffee shop where time is of the essence and every square inch of space matters.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, Mina Marbles supplied the engineered stone and not just helped in adding character to the Surge Coffee shop but also helped them with a durable and functional counter.

Looking for a coffee counter for your villa, office, or cafe located in UAE, remember our vast experience of stones enables us to combine many materials and recommend the best one for your requirement and budget. Mina Marbles are also exporters of Terrazzo, Marble, Quartz, Onyx, Travertine, and other artificial and natural stones to GCC.

Feel free to reach out for a free sample or request a quote.

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