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Why marble is forever stylish stone?

Marble is one of the world’s oldest materials, having been utilized for the first time in 438 BC. Since then, it’s been seen everywhere from famous structures to our own kitchens. It has risen in popularity in recent years, and it appears that we can’t get enough of this lovely substance. Marble is a valuable stone that is frequently imitated to add a touch of elegance to our daily lives. It was historically employed by the Greeks and Romans as a sign of riches and power, and it is widely recognized today. In today’s column, we’ll look at some of the most common questions about marble and why it will never go out of style.

MARBLE: The Great Rock

Marble is a rock that formed when limestone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Metamorphism is the term for this transformation. Calcite is the main component of marble; however, it also contains elements like iron and graphite. The calcite in the limestone recrystallizes and creates a mass of interconnecting calcite crystals throughout this phase. Because of the many minerals and salts that may affect the look and provide texture such as veins, marble comes in a variety of colours. One of the reasons that make marble so popular is the manner it’s manufactured, which results in slabs that are really one-of-a-kind. This implies that each piece of actual marble has subtle differences in appearance. Marble was first used at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, where the base was made of limestone, and the columns were made of Pentelic marble. This amazing stone has been used to create some of the most beautiful and famous structures throughout history.

Marble is used in a broad range of applications, including architecture, medicine, cosmetics, and construction. Because marble is a natural stone, it is incredibly robust and shatter-resistant, so general wear and tear is not an issue. It’s also incredibly adaptable, with applications ranging from bathroom walls to marble steps and kitchen worktops. Because of its popularity and benefits, marble may be costly; nevertheless, there are substitutes that appear comparable. As a result, marble may be used in your home without breaking the budget. Quartz is a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that is a great alternative to marble. Quartz comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, so you’ll be able to select something that matches your home perfectly.

How to care Marble?

Although marble is very low maintenance, it is still necessary to take certain precautions to maintain its quality and keep it looking new. If you’re cleaning marble countertops or a table on a daily basis, use a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid using any strong chemicals that may harm the stone. Every six months, marble must be sealed. 

  • Drop some water on the marble’s surface to observe whether it beads and determine when it’s time to refresh it. If not, you’ll have to re-seal it. 
  • Wipe up any spills as soon as possible to avoid discoloration. 
  • If you have marble surfaces, get some chopping boards if you haven’t already. 

This will safeguard them and guarantee that they remain attractive.

Why Marble never goes out of fashion?

For many years to come, marble will be seen in homes, imitated in fashion, and used in accessories. It will continue to be popular due to its beautiful aesthetic, ageless appearance, and durability. Marble appears sleek and opulent when used in the house, giving a bit of glitz to any space. Because of its adaptability, it can be used practically anyplace, ensuring that this stunning stone will never go out of style.

Experience the elegance of marbles from AL MINA MARBLES & GRANITES

Our team at AMMG is a prominent marble supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Beautiful marble bathrooms, worktops, staircases, kitchens, floors, and fire surrounds are all possible. One of the most appealing aspects of marble is its diversity. It comes in a variety of colours, from a traditional white with grey veins to a modern crimson. This may be used to make a comment about any property. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you’re interested in incorporating marble into your house.

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