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Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is a popular and classic beige marble that originates from Spain. Known for its elegant and neutral color palette, Crema Marfil is widely used in various architectural and design applications.



Crema Marfil features a beige or light tan background with occasional veining and flecks of fossilized elements. The color variations can range from a creamy beige to a slightly warmer tone. It is commonly used for flooring in residential and commercial spaces due to its elegant and timeless appearance. Like any marble, Crema Marfil requires proper care to maintain its beauty. It is advisable to seal the stone to protect it from stains and ensure longevity.

Applications : Flooring/ wall cladding (living, bathrooms)

Color Tone : Light

Slab Size : 315 x 145 cm

Thickness : 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm

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