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Grey Pallisandro

Grey Pallisandro marble is a distinctive natural stone variety known for its elegant grey tones and unique veining patterns. Its characteristic grey hues, ranging from light to dark shades, contribute to its timeless and refined appearance. It is well suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.



Grey Pallisandro has a spectrum of grey shades, with the interplay of light and dark tones and also features subtle to bold veining patterns, enhancing its visual interest. These natural markings contribute to the uniqueness of each slab, making Grey Pallisandro a popular choice for those seeking individualized designs. It finds its place in interior design for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, while also proving resilient for exterior use in building facades and around swimming pools. Its ability to remain cool to the touch adds to its appeal, particularly in warmer regions. Regular cleaning with mild, pH-balanced cleaners helps preserve its appearance and prevents dust accumulation. Also care should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to strong acids and alkalis.

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