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Rosso Venato

Enrich your space with the vibrant allure of Rosso Venato Marble in the UAE. Experience the timeless beauty and sophistication of this exquisite natural stone. Explore our exclusive collection, and let the deep hues and elegant patterns elevate your interior design. Discover the richness of Rosso Venato Marble today.



Rosso Venato, also known as Rosso Venato Marble, is a striking and distinctive natural stone known for its deep red color with intricate white and grey veining. This marble variety is highly regarded in the world of interior design and architecture, thanks to its rich and elegant appearance. Rosso Venato Marble’s deep red background and intricate veining create a sense of luxury and sophistication. Its use in design can evoke a sense of opulence and elegance, and it is often chosen to add character and beauty to various architectural and design projects. Code: 34 & 39

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