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Sequoia Brown

Sequoia Brown quartzite stands out as a versatile and visually striking natural stone. Its wood like hues, ranging from grey to brown with vivid black touches, make it a distinctive choice for creating marvelous settings and elegant furnishings. Whether used in residential or commercial spaces, Sequoia Brown adds warmth, character, and durability to any design project.



Sequoia Brown is a natural stone that captivates with its range of hues, reminiscent of wood, yet distinguished by its exotic softness and remarkable hardness. The rich blend of warm colors, from grey to brown, accented by vivid touches of black, creates a captivating combination that makes Sequoia Brown an ideal choice for your projects. The sweeping strokes of dark and light brown, along with cream colors and hints of white, give Sequoia Brown quartzite a distinctive and dynamic appearance. Sequoia Brown’s versatility shines through in its ability to be used for creating marvelous settings and elegant furniture. Whether applied as countertops, flooring, wall cladding, or custom furnishings, this quartzite offers a range of design possibilities.

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