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Titanium Travertine

Titanium Travertine stands out as a luxurious natural stone with a distinctive greyish brown base, captivating mineral intrusions, and scattered copper crystals. Its versatility, unique appearance, and elegant warmth make it a better choice for architects, interior designers, and individuals looking to enhance their spaces.



The grey brown background serves as a neutral foundation, allowing the mineral patterns and copper accents to stand out, creating a captivating visual effect. Its elegant and sophisticated aesthetic makes it a popular choice for flooring, wall cladding, countertops etc.  This Italian Travertine is elegant and brings a dark warmth into your space. Architects and Interior Designers utilize Titanium Travertine in both commercial and residential settings. Available in a variety of finishes, Titanium Travertine offers flexibility for different design preferences. Whether honed for a smooth, matte appearance, polished for a glossy finish, or tumbled for a more rustic look, Titanium Travertine can be adapted to suit various styles and settings.

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