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Travertine: An Ultimate Guide To The Beautiful Natural Stone

Travertine is one of the most adaptable construction materials on the market. This natural stone is a very attractive material too that you can have in your house, from travertine tile floors to travertine worktops and backsplashes. Travertine is a highly durable stone, and while it is simpler to care for than other varieties of natural stone, it is also quite heavy, and its porous nature needs frequent sealing. A well-constructed and maintained travertine floor, on the other hand, may provide a unique blend of mountain-born beauty to interior spaces. It is a natural stone that is a form of limestone, although the two materials are highly different. This sedimentary rock occurs in limestone caverns and around hot springs. Travertine slabs are formed from this rock. Travertine surfaces are available in a variety of lighter hues, including light greys and golds, despite color differences. Veining may be found in several types of materials. There are many Natural stone Suppliers in the UAE, but if you are looking for the best marbles and granites, Al Mina Marbles and Granites will be the right choice for you.

Travertine Stones are different in nature and patterns. Below mentioned are some of the important varieties of patterns:


Because most travertine has bedding planes, the cut type used can provide a significantly different aesthetic. The Vein Cut and the Fleuri Cut are the two cut varieties used to manufacture travertine tiles. The travertine is the same in both types of tile; the difference in appearance is due to the cut.


A vein cut is a cutting technique that involves making a cut against the bedding planes or following the vein. This reveals the formation’s border and creates a linear pattern in the travertine tile.


A Fleuri cut, sometimes called a cross-cut, is a cut that runs parallel to the bedding plane. This reveals a haphazard pattern that is frequently circular. Although this cut produces a sturdy tile, it is not suitable for high-traffic areas due to the possibility of holes forming as a consequence of heavy use. If holes emerge after installation, it is common practice to repair the holes rather than replace the tile.

What Are The Best Types Of Travertines?

There are so many types of travertine available in the market depending on its colour, texture, and patterns. It can be available in different styles.  The best AMMG travertines are listed below:

  • Albestino Travertine
  • Beige Travertine
  • Cappuccino Travertine
  • Ebony Travertine
  • Marina Travertine
  • Yellow Travertine
  • Mosaic Travertine
  • Noche Elegant
  • Titanium Travertine
  • White Travertine

Our Mosaic Travertine is a natural stone with a lot of small and big white patches all over It. To add elegance to the room and provide a classy look to the wall, the pores of the Travertine can be filled with Resin, a transparent liquid filler. To create a rustic look in the room, the natural stone can be installed raw (without a finish).

White Travertine is a stunning stone with a lovely, elegant white tint. The stone will look gorgeous no matter where you put it. Travertine, in an instance, is ideally suited for low-traffic regions.

Yellow Travertine is a beautiful golden-colored natural stone with speckles and veins. It is an excellent choice for any home to add warmth and luxury. Each pattern has its own uniqueness and magnificent appearance to attract the eyes. Al Mina Marbles and Granites in UAE has an enormous beautiful collection of stones.

Pros and Cons of Travertine

Travertine, like any other construction material, has advantages and disadvantages. Stone is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials you can use in your house. It’s also quite adaptable, as it may be used on a variety of surfaces. On the negative, it’s porous and vulnerable to spillage, especially acidic liquids like orange juice, coffee, tea, wine, and other beverages. Travertine should be re-sealed several times each year to safeguard it because of its porosity.

But the appeal it can add to your home is different and unique. Especially if you are a nature lover, this stone will bring an intense feeling of real nature to your home. For any kind of inquiry related to travertine or other marbles, you can contact Al-Mina Marbles and Granites, the best Marbles and Granites company in UAE. Travertine surfaces will enhance the attractiveness of your house without being overpowering. Travertine may be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re seeking a light-colored natural stone.

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