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Use Our Elegant Natural Stones For Cladding Your Wall

Architecting is witnessing drastic changes every day. Your building structure, the ambiance it provides have an important role in deciding how long it can engage people in a comfortable and positive vibe. Everyone loves the beauty of nature and enjoys art. So, giving your building structure a natural and artistic visual impact with attractive and suitable exotic marble slabs will help to pop up you and stand out special from millions of other buildings. No matter whether it is your home/residence/company office or anything. Natural stone&nbsps unique and special appearance will bring positivity. Wall cladding is been used in building visual art for decades. If you think as out of the box and choose your material from the best marble supplier in UAE.  There are so many live beautiful examples around the world for amazing structures with Exotic marbles and other Natural Stones. But in the new age of architecting, the application of Natural Stone wall cladding also has gone beyond the concept of beauty to strengthen a building in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, and durability. 

Hence, the demand for sustainable methods is increasing in the designing and construction sector, wall cladding of marbles, granite, and other natural stones is a very effective way to reach the line of the required quality and innovation.& nbsp;

Why Should We Adopt Natural Stone for Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is actually adding an extra layer to the existing interior and exterior walls of the building. Adding natural stones to the wall contributes extraordinary elegance and aesthetics to the character of the building. More than that of the aesthetic enhancement, this extra layer with quality stones will provide more strength and safety to a building & nbsps wall. A large number of various stones and marbles are available in the market today. You can choose color, pattern, and texture according to the feel you wanted to create and is suitable for your concept. It can simply transform a normal wall into a stunning and vibrant look.   

What are the benefits of using Natural Stone for cladding walls?

  • It can protect your wall from moisture, dust, and keep your building sturdy and durable for many years
  • It requires low maintenance
  • Enables insulation from noise pollution
  • Resistant to heat, absorb radiation
  • keep the temperature of the interior mild and cool
  • It protects your building from extreme environmental elements such as rain, sunlight which may affect the durability normally
  • Wall cladding adds more aesthetic value to your wall and building
  • Installing natural stone wall cladding is simple and quick

Where can you use marbles and granites for cladding walls?

Cladding can be applied in different places in your building. Exterior wall cladding, Interior wall cladding, Bathroom wall cladding, Kitchen wall cladding are very common nowadays.  

Basic Types of Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Traditional Handset cladding: This type of cladding has been experimented with successfully for many years. For this, Natural stone is attached to a pre-constructed supporting structure. In traditional handset cladding, the weight will be changed to the load-bearing base of the floor.

Rainscreen Cladding: If you want to achieve cladding using the rainscreen principle, natural stone will be the best one for your choice. Rainscreen cladding includes the application of stone panels sometimes with hidden clips or exposed clips.

Custom Cladding: in custom cladding, you have the option to choose the surface, structure, or design wanted. These types are mostly used in retail commercial spaces. 

Why Should You Choose Al-mina Marbles & Granites?

AL MINA MARBLES & GRANITES is a proud manufacturer of natural stones such as marbles, granites, quartzite, etc. in the UAE. We are one of the leading reputed natural stone manufacturing entities in the UAE. We specially design our marbles and stones with ultra-modern technology that helps us offer cladding solutions that match your building&nbsps nature and beauty with aesthetics.

Our dedicated artisans invest their skills, knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and deep-rooted expertise in inventing quality stones. With our wide collection of antique and luxurious stones, your dream comes into reality.

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