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Eramosa (Tobbaco Brown)

Eramosa Marble also known as Tobacco Brown, is a natural stone of unparalleled beauty, quarried in the pristine landscapes of Canada. This marble variety is known for its darker brown background with pretty veining.



Eramosa Marble boasts a naturally occurring darker brown hue, creating a warm and inviting foundation. It features striking veining patterns that traverse its surface. These veins, in a complementary darker tone, turn each slab into a piece of art. It offers design flexibility with various finishes, including polished and honed slabs. The polished finish exudes a glossy look, while the honed finish provides a matte elegance. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of commercial spaces such as offices, bars, and shopping centers, Eramosa Marble radiates a sense of refinement. With its unique color palette, veining, and versatility in application, Eramosa Marble remains a cherished choice for those seeking to enhance their space with a superior collection.

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